What if you could buy products from multiple retailers in one checkout without entering your shipping/payment information every time? And have them shipped anywhere in the world? With TwoTapIt.com you can. TwoTapIt.com gives you the control and flexibility to save products and buy them whenever you want by creating your very own personal wishlist.

Start re-thinking the way you shop and take the smarter route to shopping online. Experience how simple online shopping can be. One site - one checkout - any destination.

What is TwoTapIt.com?

TwoTapIt.com is a one stop shop destination site that allows you to purchase multiple products from multiple retailers in one single transaction. Powered by TwoTap’s powerful & robust API, global shopping has never been simpler.

What countries are supported?

Currently, you can order products only from US retailers and have them shipped to US and Japan. More supported countries coming soon.

How does international shipping work?

If you're outside of the US when ordering, Two Tap will first ship the products to one of our warehouses where they will be consolidated into one package before being sent to your destination. So feel free to buy as much or as little as you'd like from each store and see how it influences your shipping price.

You will notice a lot of savings when shipping internationally, due to the fact Two Tap first consolidates the products into one package before shipping to your destination. Enjoy!

What stores are supported?

All of US Shopify plus another 1,000+ retailers.

You can see the list here.

How can I get in touch?

Write to us at support@twotap.com.